Robin’s Egg Agate, Yellow jasper Mala with Persian Turquoise Guru Bead

  • $230.00

Robin’s Egg Agate the stone of creativity, optimism, & new horizons, gives feeling of light-hearted ness & opens the mind to new ideas; heals perception of self & world.

Persian Turquoise is one of the rarest and most precious types of Turquoise, and it helps with protection from other people’s negative energy in your life.

Yellow Jasper is a stone of protection and discernment. It provides inner strength and mental clarity. Yellow Jasper stones are good for protection during spiritual work or physical travel. Yellow Jasper can facilitate positive communication with strangers along the way.


Designed and hand-knotted by Rana Nader. Vegan thread, all-natural stones and lead-free spacers are used to create this original Mala that is unique to Rana Nader Yoga Jewelry.