Multiple Crystals Bangle Bracelet

  • $80.00

Carnelian is the most powerful stone to boost feminine energy and let you be yourself. As women, we are always told that it is not good to be emotional. But these emotions that are caused by our femininity are so one-of-a-kind and authentic, that if you make friends with them and use them as a tool to be creative in your love life or at work, they can take you to the edge of your success.

Amazonite is used for emotional balance. It's also the color of the ocean and the sand, which creates a great feeling of calmness.

 Fluorite helps you concentrate on the positive thoughts and filters out the negative images of yourself that might occur in your third eye center.

Star Jasper, or Fossil, connects you with Mother Earth, and helps you ground down and feel connected.

Petrified Wood is a grounding stone, and can assist when you feel stuck, helping you to find a different path to take.

Black Onyx is used for protection and balancing the root chakra to feel safe and strong.



This bangle was created using gold plated brass, and is adjustable to all wrist sizes.

Designed and hand-made by Rana Nader.