Matte Rose Quartz & Unakite 8mm Adjustable Beaded Bracelet with Rose Gold Accents

Matte Rose Quartz & Unakite Adjustable Beaded Bracelet with Rose Gold Spacers

  • $30.00

Rose Quartz is the stone of inviting more love, though it's not just romantic love that Rose Quartz embodies. It facilitates love entering your life by bringing your consciousness to a higher level.

Unakite is considered a sacred stone because it deepens meditation by increasing your sense of being in the present, hence it being called the ‘living in the now’ crystal.

This beaded bracelet is adjustable.

Designed and hand-knotted by Rana Nader. Vegan thread, all-natural stones and lead-free spacers are used to create these original beaded bracelets that are unique to Rana Nader Yoga Jewelry.